Some Monsters Die And Others Return

by Marina Gallardo

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released March 3, 2010

Produced by Marina Gallardo and Paco Loco. Recorded in El Puerto de Santa María (Spain). All songs by Marina Gallardo.




Marina Gallardo Spain

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Track Name: A Beast In Me
I’ve got a beast in me
shining like a dream
teeth made of stone
disaster on my bones

I’ve got a beast in me
freewheeling and disturbing
writhing inside
offering me strength
Track Name: Golden Ears
They don’t mind who I am
I’m just an empty point
how much does my soul weigh?
I prefer to hide at home
my golden ears turn into oil inside
living behind my suffering
in a stranger world
there is only love and breeding
and love and breeding
this is my way
when I have nothing to
give or say

don’t worry
this is my war
Track Name: The Squawking Bird
We had both die
without any feelings
laid on the bed
the beginning

I’m not confused
about the things we do
the world is almost done
we need to carry on

I’ve got the wind
inside my heart
a squawking bird is
hammering us

but I’m not confused
of our little range
that’s how nature is
we all must die
Track Name: Climbing The Walls
I’m climbing the walls
while you follow me
I’m singing the rain
over the sea

And now we belong
to the blood of my veins
scratches and touches
just before sleep
Track Name: Words
You don’t know how things work
not even where to go
and maybe some smoke
will make you return from the night

but deep, in me, a fire
took its flames and burned

see all this mills and stones, challenging
with its wings seem to be old
and words being spoken

but deep, in me, a fire
took its flames and burned
Track Name: Tired Man
Resin falls
under the pines
where ants rest from
a hard work day
perceiving the horizon
closing the sky

A well is looking for his height
where people throw things
without knowing why
claiming for old desires
back to the seed land

to the tired man
Track Name: Smile
A few burning stones
thrive on their own
just like a smile looking
up to your mouth

decadence is for ignoramuses
a claim by landowners
while songs make dreams
and people are on my frets

Whiskey drops with old socks
here the last days
last days for living our lives
inside a dream

is it good or enough?
dense like the sea
Track Name: Nora
Baby, you have
world in your eyes
baby, you have
toys in your hands

and doesn’t matter
if your eyes are so tired
we will always love you

We’ll take care of you
and always make you laugh
when monsters come and
take you for a while

And doesn’t matter
if your eyes are so tired
we will always love you
Track Name: New Worlds
I’m remembering what nature has told me
that you can’t say nothing about our things
you’d better show up what you discover
better than to be always searching

Men need to make new worlds
apart from this one
Track Name: Monsters
Blood on my hands
mirrors and dark
when I loose my way
I swallow your heart

When I loose my way
I don’t feel like me
because when I’m lost
I don’t know